LetterMpress: A Virtual Letterpress for the iPad and Mac was designed, developed, and published by mpressInteractive, LLC. It began as a Kickstarter project, seeking funding to purchase wood type to include in the app. LetterMpress has been featured on both the iTunes and Mac App Stores, TechCrunch, USAToday, Forbes, MacUser, The Daily Heller, and other publications and blogs worldwide.
LetterMpress is available on the App Store and the Mac App Store.
Release trailer for LetterMpress.
Video introduction of LetterMpress.
Screen capture of wood type composed on the press bed.
Color palette interface design.
 Paper stock chooser interface design.
Printing Interface design: Swiping your finger across the press cranks the drum carriage, producing a print.
 Sample multi-color print from LetterMpress.
Sample multi-color print from LetterMpress.
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