Conceptual App Design: Wood Type Clock
Working prototype for an iPad Clock that uses vintage letterpress wood type to display time.
I've had this idea for quite some time. With all of the assets we created to make LetterMpress, I thought it would be fun to make an app that displayed time with random wood type. We got to the stage of an actual working prototype (as shown in the video below).
The Wood Type Clock displays the time with wood type that is reversed (sorry purists). You can set the display to show time with random typefaces, or choose from several typefaces. You can also change the background: type cabinet, galley tray, or black with reflection.
Above: Video of clock running on an iPad.
Above: A proposed feature is to display all the letters in the typeface collection when you touch a number.
Above: This is a short animation to show the programmers how I wanted major transitions to animate (such as changing the typefaces on the hour or at the user's choosing). I did these in Keynote.
Clock st with galley tray background on an iPhone 5.
Above: On an iPad in landscape mode.
Basic wireframe diagrams for different screen sizes, orientations, and clock settings.
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