Direct Mail / Postcards
Various direct mail pieces designed for higher ed clients.
Direct mail (especially postcards) can still be highly effective in this twitter age. If done right (captivating image and strong, clear message) they have the advantage of remaining in view for days on a desk or pinned to a bulletin board.
These postcards were designed for recruiting, greetings, and event promotions for higher ed clients.
Postcard introducing new Jazz Studies program and faculty.
Holiday party invitation postcard for a computer sciences research group.
Event announcement for Illinois alumni working in Chicago.
Promotion for conference focusing on Russia.
One piece to a promotional campaign introducing an new study program to college students.
Postcard for a summer concert performance.
Promotion for a symposium on U.S. / China relations.
Postcard announcing a conference focusing on India's 60 years of independence.
Informational mailer for summer orientation to entering freshmen.
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