Recent prints from the Living Letter Press
Prints from the Living Letter Press - 2014
Below are photos of prints and products created at my Living Letter Press studio.
Initial Prints
Colorful Tuscan bold letters printed on 100% cotton paper and framed with recycled barn siding, coated with milk paint. Print size is 6"x6". Framed or unframed.
We've been experimenting with printing directly on heavy canvas with good results. We've created several pillow cases. More to come!
Giant Q in Pride colors. Print size is 20"x26". Unframed.
For dog or cat lovers. Print size is 10"x20" and mounted in a uni-frame.
Collection of 8 coasters with the most popular wine types. Printed with vintage metal type (Bodoni).
Collection of 8 coasters (two of each) with vintage art cuts.
Collection of 4 coasters with Living Letter Press logo.
Index (commonly known as a "pointing hand"). Print size is 10"x10". Unframed.
Prints for your bar. Sizes vary from 8"x10" to 8"x12". Printed on recycled paper, and sold unframed.
Large old wood type prints. Ideal for a new born's room. 12"x12", sold in a set of three (ABC, 123, Do-Ra-Mi), unframed.
Just about every ampersand we have in the shop. Printed with a split-fountain effect. 20"x26", unframed.
Huge "pi" poster with large vintage wood type. Print size is 26"x40" and sold unframed.
Set of 5 wine banners printed with "art nouveau" era wood type on cream laid paper. Each print is 8" by 26" and  sold unframed.
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